How to clean a leather sofa

Leather sofa looks modern and status and falls to a place in any interior. It is comfortable and durable – but only with proper regular care. Leather sofa requires careful handling every day – from the right place of its location in the room to the constant cleaning of the surface from dust. And if stains appeared on the leather upholstery – it’s definitely not worth delaying their removal.

How to clean leather sofa at home

How to clean leather sofa at home

Manufacturers of leather furniture generally recommend covering sofas made of leather with covers or blankets. But, you see, this presentable interior item is bought not in order to hide it, but quite the contrary – for the demonstration and decoration of the room. Our task is to teach you how to clean the leather sofa yourself in this article in order to preserve its appearance for many years without having to hide the sofa under the coverlet.

Best way to clean leather couch

It would seem that smooth skin, unlike textile upholstery, does not absorb dirt so much. It is enough to wipe it with a damp rag – and now it is already shiny, clean, soft, like new. In fact, the complexity of natural skin care lies in the fact that it is a very porous material, the surface of which is also covered with the smallest cracks. It is the pores and cracks that make the skin skin and give it the charm for which we love this expensive material. But every day, all these pinholes get clogged with dust, small litter brought from the floor, crumbs of food, and so on. All this falls on the upholstery and first scratches its surface, and then clogs it in the pores. As a result, the color of the sofa becomes faded and unattractive due to micro-scratches and gathered dust.
To avoid such a development is quite simple – you only need to regularly (at least once every 2 weeks) clean the leather sofa from dust. Choose any way you want!

Dry cleaner sofa

In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, you can use a dry cloth, a sponge or a special whisk and just shake the dust off the couch. But you need to understand that from such cleaning you do not remove dust, but only lift it into the air and after a while it will again settle on the surface of the furniture. Therefore, this care option is possible, but almost useless. It is better to carry out wet processing.

Wet cleaning sofa

No special tools are needed here. Rag and clean water – everything you need. Plentifully watered leather sofa can not, so well wring out a rag. It should be a little wet – literally so that dust and small debris stick to it. Wipe the sofa well, again running your hand with a rag into all possible crevices to collect dust from everywhere. To make your skin shine, you can moisten a rag in a weak lemon solution and wipe the sofa with it.How to clean a leather sofa

It is useful to complete any cleaning of a leather sofa, rubbing it with cosmetic petroleum jelly. Apply Vaseline should be as thin as possible over the entire surface and rub well into the skin. It will saturate it, soften it, add shine. And what is especially nice – for some time will create a kind of protective barrier that does not let dirt into the pores and cracks of the skin. And that means – the sofa will stay clean longer. Of course, for these purposes, you can use special tools that are sold in household chemical stores. It may be fudge, ointment, milk spray and other varieties. We chose cosmetic vaseline, as the proven and most harmless means – without odors, dyes and abundant fat. If you want to try the compositions from the store – the main thing is to carefully read the instructions and strictly follow it. And it is better to first test the tool on an inconspicuous part of the sofa – somewhere on the back, in the cracks or under the bottom.

How to clean leather sofa stains at home

If the spots are not so harmless, you can still bring them out at home. The main thing – to choose the right cleaner! White sofa from the stains of juice and wine save alcohol-containing liquids – vodka, medical alcohol, cologne.

First, with a paper napkin, collect all the moisture from the upholstery, sprinkle salt on the pollution, and then treat with a cotton pad dipped in the proposed product. By the way, medical alcohol perfectly removes ink stains from light leather upholstery of the sofa.

While removing the stain, try not to rub the dirt on the surface, and get wet, so as not to increase the size of the stain.

Fresh stains of coffee and tea are washed off quite well with dishwashing liquid, just be sure to wipe the coating with warm vinegar at the end of treatment and dry it with a cloth. Traces of wax and gum residues can be removed using ice: wrap it in cellophane, attach it to the right place, remove contamination with the back of a knife.

How to clean a leather sofaClean fresh blood with soapy cold water. Try an old spot with an aspirin tablet dissolved in a glass of water. Be prepared to treat the surface again if the contamination is not completely gone. Or dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water, wet the cloth and wipe the problem area.

Sprinkle fresh fatty stains with salt and blot with a napkin. If you decide to clean the sofa with acetone, be careful: this solvent dries the skin surface! It is better to take non-acetonic nail polish remover, but after processing, be sure to lubricate the material with glycerin.

The steam cleaner perfectly washes out the leather covering: walk a few times on the surface, slow down in heavily polluted areas. After cleaning, immediately collect excess moisture from the coating with flannel. Do not use for cleaning the sofa abrasives, chlorine stain removers, hard rags, brushes.