How to clean a white leather sofa

A white leather sofa is a luxury. Like any exquisite piece of furniture, it requires a special approach and regular cleaning. In many cases, you can clean a white leather sofa by yourself, using available tools from a home first aid kit or from the kitchen.

How to clean white leather sofa at home

The appeared stains need to be removed as soon as possible, so that the dirt does not have time to penetrate deep into the upholstery – this is the first, but not the only rule for cleaning a white leather sofa. In the new material of our blog we consider in detail all aspects of self-cleaning of light leather furniture.

  • Recently, we devoted a great article to the care of leather furniture. How to clean a leather sofa at home, where we set out tips for cleaning and using furniture with leather upholstery. But still, we want to repeat the main recommendations.
  • Leather furniture does not tolerate proximity to sources of heating – it dries out, bursts, and dye (even in light upholstery) crumbles. Bright and dark furniture does not like direct sunlight – the colors of upholstery fade from it and the bald spots are formed. But the light furniture should not be left in the sun – like batteries and heaters, the sun dries the leather upholstery. As a result, it loses its elasticity and becomes covered with cracks.
  • Keep a white and simply light leather sofa away from contact with dark and colorful pillows and blankets. And if you want to lie on it in dark clothes – better pre-cover the seat, backrest and armrests with a blanket. From contact with dark and colorful textiles, a white sofa can stain.
  • It’s categorically impossible to settle on such a sofa with food – it’s not even worth talking much. The same applies to coffee, wine and other beverages that can color upholstery.

Restore white leather couch

If your sofa has a white color, then it is important to choose tools that can be cleaned quite often and not be afraid for the condition of the leather surface. Such a tool is cow’s milk.How to clean white leather sofa

Dip a cotton swab into low-fat milk and wipe the contaminated area, then polish the surface with a dry cloth. It is advisable to warm the milk slightly so that it is not cold.

From the white sofa dirt is removed with a solution of ammonia. Alcohol cleans well, washes away fatty dirt, but at the same time it dries the skin. Therefore, after alcohol, the surface must be softened by smearing it with glycerin or a small amount of castor oil.

Those who planted a spot of tea or another drink on their white sofa can be recommended to clean it with non-concentrated vinegar. Finally, treat with a special moisturizing agent and polish.

Too causing “kalyaki-malaki” left by a felt-tip pen or ink, are removed with a nail polish remover that contains acetone. It is necessary to act carefully, rubbing with light movements, wet only a little cotton wool.

How to remove stains from white leather sofa

Immediately after you put the stain, it must be wetted with a sponge. Sometimes this is enough to remove most of the pollution and prevent the stain from spreading further.

How to clean white leather sofa

  • Fat stain can be sprinkled abundantly with starch, which will absorb fat.
  • Fresh blood stain is easy to clean with plain cold water.
  • Try to remove the mark from the handle with scotch tape, sticking it on the skin, and then gently peeling it off.
  • Try to remove traces of food and beverages with soap suds or a weak solution of vinegar.
  • Since leather is a rather expensive material, it must be treated with the utmost care. Do not arrange lunch, sitting on a leather sofa, and make sure that no one scratched. Remember that there are universal care products, and there are intended for a certain type of skin.

When washing or cleaning the sofa, do not drench it too much. Excessive waterlogging can cause damage to the skin and, in extreme cases, mold, which is very dangerous.