How to protect a leather sofa

Times change, but leather furniture always remains at the height of fashion. It makes any interior presentable, stylish and even over the years does not lose its appeal. However, the appearance of a leather sofa is completely dependent on the care of him. After all, genuine leather is a very capricious material that requires careful handling.

The main thing in cleaning leather furniture at home – accuracy and the right choice of cleaning products that are safe for upholstery. In this article we understand how to care for furniture with leather upholstery on their own.

What causes leather furniture to deteriorate?


Leather sofa care

Natural material for the manufacture of chairs and sofas is very vulnerable. The main factors that lead to the deterioration of such furniture are:

  • direct sunlight;
  • temperature drops;
  • insufficient humidity in the room;
  • any liquid, including water;
  • impact abrasive, etc.

If the sofa is located in direct sunlight or near a heat source (battery), the skin may crack. Any exposure to abrasive leads to cracks or microcracks. Spilled liquid changes the structure of the material, due to which it loses its softness over time.

Leather furniture care

Leather furniture looks stylish and solid. But if you do not follow some rules of care, she will quickly lose her appearance. What are the features in the care of leather interior items? Here they are:Leather sofa care

  1. Correctly position the sofa or armchair made of leather: away from heat sources (at least 1.5 meters from a radiator or fireplace) and the sun’s rays. Maintain air humidity at 65–70%, especially during the heating season;
  2. so that the material remains soft, every few months the surface of the furniture must be rubbed with oil (olive, castor) or glycerin. When the oil is absorbed into the skin, the remains must be removed with a dry flannel or cotton rag;
  3. care for leather furniture at home must necessarily include a weekly dry cleaning. You can hold it with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. This will help to clean the pores of the material from dust;
  4. Once every two weeks, wipe the sofa with a damp microfiber or sponge. If dirt appears on the surface, use a soap solution. Best suited baby or laundry soap. Be sure to wipe it dry after this. When removing stains, never rub the skin, make gentle rotational movements;
  5. if liquid is spilled on the furniture, immediately blot it with a napkin or cloth. Do not let water, tea or juice soak into the material. Remove stains (from coffee, wine, ink, etc.) will help alcohol. Gently wipe the site of contamination with a cloth moistened with alcohol. For light skin care, use milk.

If you follow these rules and protect leather furniture from the effects of negative factors (temperature changes, pets, spilled liquids, etc.), you can save its luxury and aesthetics.

As you can see, even for expensive interior items you can take care without much difficulty at home. Do not be lazy to give them enough time – and you will always be pleased to be at home in a beautiful setting.